What are doctors warning people about regarding Stanley Cups?

Jan 5, 2024, 8:55 AM


As Stanley Cups have somehow taken over the nation despite being around for years, some doctors are warning about some possible health side effects a feature of the cup may cause. 

According to the Mirror, doctors are warning that the design, specifically using its straw, may be causing “smoker’s lines” the wrinkles that can result around your mouth, most notably attributed to those who smoke.  

Dr Chisom Ikeji shares on her Tik Tok that she was warned by her mom who does micro needling that especially those who are in their 20’s or 30’s could be at risk of getting “smokers lines” because the act of sucking a straw uses muscles that may develop wrinkles in your face over time.  

This would be regarding any cups that use a straw, but no doubt, Stanley Cups have been all of the rage this holiday season, with scenes of chaos at stores across the country with people trying to get the cups.

There has also been the viral video of someone jumping over a Starbucks counter and trying to steal a case of the cups.  

The limited edition version of the cups that were being sold at Starbucks and Target have been selling out across the country and are already being found on Ebay selling for hundred of dollars.  It sounds like more limited edition drops are set for 2024, so plan on the craziness to continue! 

To get an idea of the huge boost in popularity Stanley has seen, prior to the pandemic Stanley was making about $70 million in annual sales, and in 2023 that number is now projected to be over $750 million.

If you would like to skip the crazy crowds, you are able to purchase a huge variety of Stanley Cups with different sizes and shapes on their website by clicking here

If you don’t feel like spending what can be over $50 for those cups, you can also find some cheaper alternatives on sites like Amazon. 


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What are doctors warning people about regarding Stanley Cups?