Wall of Honor

KYGO salutes our Hometown Heroes, Colorado soldiers that serve our country away from home. Submit a message of support using the Video Submission or the Message Form.

Randy J Parsons Jr. and Vanessa Parsons

Not only do I get to be proud of one sailor I’m lucky enough to be the mother of two awesome sailors. Both my son and daughter graduated high school early to pursue their dream of serving in best Navy in the world. One is deployed to the middle east …

Daniel Luther

My brother is an honorable member of the US Army, currently stationed in North Carolina, serving for almost 8 years. Sending him all the hugs and love! I miss you.

William Stanley USN

You are amazing! Thank you for your service! I’m am so proud of you brother!

Mervyn M. Martin – Pearl Harbor Survivor

My dad died 4 years ago at the age of 92. He was in the Navy serving on the Submarine Base at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed on Dec. 7, 1941. He was our hero and we still miss him terribly. Love you, Dad!

Bill Offutt

My Dad. Served in U.S. Army, W.W. II. Colorado native. Rests in Ft. Logan National Cemetary. As a U.S. Navy veteran , I love you and thank you for serving the BEST NATION in the history of the world and being the BEST FATHER ever!!

Sgt. Arthur Engler

Seargent Arthur Engler, 95 yr. old native of Boise,ID served in the 79 th infantry in World War II. Arthur landed on Omaha Beach during the Normandy invasion and fought through France and into Germany til the war’s end. His family honors him.

Tom Hunter

My Father in law who served in Vietnam for the United States Army. A great man who I am so glad to have in my life and always puts others before himself.

William Bagwell

My Dad. Shot down twice in Vietnam, MIA, and the most awesome man I have ever known. If I could be half the man he is I would have a great life

Jerry Sweet

Thank you so much for your service in the Marine Corp from your brother-in-law Bill. We lost you at the way too young age of 18 in Khe Sanh, Vietnam. You will not be forgotten.

Larry Davis

Larry is a 20 year vet, served in Viet Nam.  Purple Heart recipient (among other awards).  Thank you Larry, for keeping our country safe.

Giovanni Waldo

My nephew is in the us navy! We are proud of him!

SGM Jose Rico Gasca USMC Ret.

To all those who know him as Joe or Rico I want to give a shout out to someone I look up to in War or in Peace This man will get it done!                  “Semper Fi” Sincerely, SP4 Rick Rothmeyer USA

AS1 Michael Monarez

Thank you Michael for your service and congratulations on ranking up.  You are a great dad, husband to my daughter and granddaughters.

PFC Jesse Marston

So proud of our son serving in the US Army at Ft Leonard Wood, MO. Love and miss you!

Mike Buchl

Thank you for all you have done for your Country and what you continue to do for your brothers in arms!

Gerald E. Ryan

In loving memory of my father who served in WWII in the army. He served overseas we love you and miss you. He was a husband, father , grandfather, and great grandfather who had a life long impact on his family.

Donald Christensen

Thank you dad, for fighting for the freedoms that so many take for granted. You were never a complainer, you just did what you had to do. Thank you for being the best dad ever. I love and miss you!!!Rest In Peace

Isaiah Michael Feeley

I am so proud of my nephew for serving our country as a United States Marine. Be careful out there and continue to make us proud. Stay safe always. Semper Fidelis! The few the Proud!

William Haines

In honor of my late uncle who was shot down over Germany during WWII and spent a year as a POW.  Love all the 4th of July celebrations you made happen!

Dale Webb, James Roberts, and Doug Webb

In honor of my late father Dale who served 22 yrs in the Navy. In honor of James Roberts, father-in-law, who served in the Navy for 20 yrs. And myself, Doug Webb who served in the AF for 6 yrs.

A1C Airmen Otis

I want to thank my big sister Ashley Otis for joining the AirForce and serving our country, she is my best friend and I’m proud  of the accomplishments she has achieved! Love you. Fly, Fight, Win.

SrA Drew Oenes

Thank you to my son SrA Drew Oenes who is currently serving over seas. We are so proud of you and can’t wait for you to come home!

Cory Vik

Thank you Cory for being a wonderful Marine! Our family is so proud of your dedicated service. Stay safe on that bird of yours! Love Kris and Dave

Christin Brown

Thank you so much for your service.  Even they all your disabilities you always have a smile for everyone and will always be there.  You have comforted so many families that had spouses that were deployed and helped where you could.  You are so amazing. Thank you for your Air Force Service.

USMC Major John F Cox Sr (RIP)

Major John was a Marine Pilot in WW2 (was stationed/survived at Pearl Harbor) and Korea and returned home to train pilots at the United training facility here in Denver for 25+ years. Sempre fi Miss you Dad.

Thomas J. Osieczanek

Thank you for your 20 years of service in the Army. You set a great example for all, esp. Andrew, who is currently fighting for freedom in Iraq!

Retired Senior Chief John McMullen

This is my dad! He is a Vietnam Vet. He served this great country for 21 years before he retired.  He is my hero!

Master Sargent Thomas Balk

So grateful for an amazing step father and the 22 years he served in the US Army.

Conor T. Wittry

We are grateful that guys like you will choose jobs like yours.  Thank you for being a Crew Chief and Navy Aviation Rescue Swimmer.

Sgt. Barbara Jean Bruettig

She has been my wife for 46  years. We met at  March  AFB Ca. She served for over 3 yrs. We now volunteer with the American Legion and the Disabled American Veterans. She entered the Air Force when it was not popular to be in the military. She is our Legion Chaplin and …

Sgt. Stokes

Because I am not in your shoes, I know I will never fully appreciate the sacrifices you make for me, your family, your friends and your country every day. However, I am especially reflective of my gratitude this holiday season. I realize your sacrifice is made even greater during this …

USMC Blue Angel Captain Jeff Kuss

USMC Blue Angel Captain Jeff Kuss passed June 2nd, 2016 in a flight training accident. From Durango, CO. Left behind his Wife Christina and two children Calvin, 4, and Sloane, 1. Thank you for your service to our country and sacrificing your life to prevent your jet from crashing into …

Srgt. Daryl Johnson

Thank you for being a role model and an Uncle! Thank you for serving our country 🙂

Mariah Shaner, Brianna Holding, Amber Reichert

I would like to tell My 3 daughters – & their men …Thank you for all that you do to keep this country safe. You are my strength & endurance . So proud to be your momma… I love you … Stay safe , strong & Proud to be an …

Sherman Whitaker

My father served 20 years in the Air Force and served in the Vietnam War. He has been gone 20 years this year, but never forgotten. Love you Dad!!!!!!

Colonel Benjamin McMullen

Would like to take this time to honor my brother who just retired from the Air Force after 30yrs. You rock big brother!

HT1 (SW/AW) Nicholas Humbert

Nicholas, thank you so much for your service!! We love you!! Go Navy!

Specialist Matthew Trio

I love you so much….we are halfway through this deployment. I am so very proud of you and everything that you do for our family and this country.

All Military Personnel

Each and every one of you are so valuable, not only to your service,citizen’s but to your FAMILY AND FRIENDS. Thank you for all your time,service,commitment and selflessness.

SPC Moreno

Thank you so much for serving our country. God bless and I love you babe!

MAA2 Jerome Garcia

Thank you for your service to this great country! This Navy Mom is always proud of your accomplishments in the US Navy. You have given me so much happiness. Stay safe know that we are praying for you and fellow shipmates as you get ready for your deployment. You are …

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