One in Six People Would Start an OnlyFans to Live in Denver

Sep 20, 2022, 5:10 PM

Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images...

Photo By Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

A new survey asked people what their “dream city” is . . . the one with the PERFECT culture, entertainment options, outdoor activities, climate, dining options, job opportunities, diversity, transportation, and education.

New York City was #1, followed by San Diego . . . L.A. . . . Denver . . . San Francisco . . . Chicago . . . Dallas . . . Miami . . . Colorado Springs . . . and Austin.

Of course, a lot of those cities are EXPENSIVE . . . so the survey also asked what people would be willing to do to afford living in their dream city.

48% of people said they’d dip into their savings . . . 46% said they’d only go out one night per week . . . and 36% said they’d live off cheap food.

Other popular answers include: Working a second job . . . “living in a closet” for cheaper rent . . . and going into credit card debt. 18% of people said they’d start an OnlyFans account . . . and 15% said they’d “steal toilet paper from work.”

So, yes, it’s possible that one in six people are giving themselves up to OnlyFans for the ability to live in Denver!!

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One in Six People Would Start an OnlyFans to Live in Denver