Is That Bigfoot in This Colorado Satellite Image?

By Shawn Patrick on January 20, 2023
Photo by Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images

It makes sense that if there is a real Bigfoot it could be hiding out somewhere in Colorado. However, usually when people claim to see a sasquatch it’s not in our state. This time some conspiracy theorists are looking pretty closely at a picture from the Centennial State, though!

Reddit user u/33sushi, recently shared a Google Earth satellite image of what he believes could be Bigfoot, and others are buying in.

If you type 38°16’24” N, 108°08’32” W into Google Earth, you can see the figure for yourself. It reveals a spot in Uncompahgre National Forest, northwest of Telluride.

Reported Bigfoot sightings are not necessarily uncommon in Colorado, with over more than 100 sightings recorded since 1972.

See the picture here.