Couple ties the knot and Riley Green’s X-factor | Music City Minute

Jun 3, 2024, 5:07 PM | Updated: 5:07 pm

Congratulations to Hassie Harrison and Ryan Bingham, the on-screen and real life couple tied the knot! In an interview with Vouge, Hassie admitted her mom is to thank for their real life relationship coming together. So, it only makes sense that the happy couple were hitched at Hassie’s family home in Texas.
Last month, Riley Green played his first Red Rocks show and it was huge! However, the country star is not convinced folks show up to his concerts for him anymore, but rather for his dog Carl the Cowboy Corgi. He’s noticed at meet and greets, fans will walk into the room and instantly look down at his feet for the dog instead of looking him in the eye. Crowd signs used to say something about him, but now they are all for Carl, too. Green is taking it all in stride though, saying Carl is a unique and funny looking dog and he thinks that’s part of the appeal.
I’m Sheena and that’s your Music City Minute.

Music City Minute

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Couple ties the knot and Riley Green’s X-factor | Music City Minute