Colorado Community Comes Together to Save a Toy Store From Closing For Good

By Shawn Patrick on May 9, 2023
St Nix Collectibles, Toys & Antiques

In early December last year, someone came into St. Nix Collectibles, Toys & Antiques in Longmont, Colorado, and offered to buy “one of everything” to give away to charity. They packed up over $50-thousand worth of merchandise and sent it off to the buyer, but then the check they’d been given didn’t clear. They lost nearly everything. The store was left with no money, empty shelves, and no sales in the weeks before Christmas.

The story was featured on local news, which led to an outpouring of support from the community. Co-owner Virginia Miskel says after the story aired until they had to close, they did pretty well. They still missed out on sales during their busiest time of the year, but the support they received has given the store a chance at a second act.

Last week, St. Nix hosted the grand opening at their new location, a couple of miles from their old store. They were able to get some of the merchandise back and looked into taking legal action against the man who nearly bankrupted them, but legal fees would have eaten up most of what they could have recouped. So now they’re focused on building up business at their new location and are grateful to community members who helped make that possible. “Thank you to everybody,” Miskel says. “It is just so wonderful.”

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