Jenny D

Jenny is a Colorado native (yeah that is pretty rare these days)! She grew up in Aurora then branched out to Fort Collins and got a degree in journalism from Colorado State University. She started with 5 years local radio on 98.5 KYGO, 5 years in network radio and has been back in local radio for over 8 years! She is a mom with two little girls, Maddie and Paige. She is also a rescue mom of her dog Ollie Jose and Miss Molly!! She is all about dance parties, make believe and any other mom past times you can think of. She likes to laugh and joke and will wake you up with a smile! Start your day with a unique brand of family-friendly fun and lots of Real Music Variety! Nobody plays more music in the morning than KOSI – it’s the stress free way to start your day! Speaking of a lotta music – at 8am every weekday, Jenny hosts KOSI’s Real Variety Workday Kickoff…over an hour of non-stop music to help you ease into your challenging workday. On your way to work – and when you get to work – make the KOSI 101.1 Morning Show part of your day. Every day!

Scenic road in Colorado named one of the most distracting in nation

The Most Distracting Scenic Roads in the U.S.A.: Red Rock Scenic Byway, Arizona Las Vegas Strip, Nevada Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina Acadia Byway, Maine San Luis Obispo North Coast […]
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Invasive carp found in Arvada pond

This reminded me of a made for TV science fiction movie. Thank goodness that they found them now, because it could have been really bad for the other fish. Colorado […]
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‘Unique and unforgettable family experience’ to walk with dinosaur tracks in Colorado

The U.S. Forest Service has opened an experience that only comes around every so often in Colorado. As weather allows, every Saturday through June 15, get a guided auto tour […]
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