You Can Rent These Gorgeous ‘Unicorn’ Ponies For Your Next Party

You Can Rent These Gorgeous ‘Unicorn’ Ponies For Your Next Party

Living, breathing unicorns are just a phone call away. Last month, we learned about an imaginative woman in England who groomed her ponies into unicorns. It was a dream come true, but still a bit too far away to actually make our unicorn dreams a reality. Then we discovered there are plenty of unicorns right here in the United States.

Sarah Kessler, the owner of Dreamland Ponies, calls her business “magical” because — you guessed it — she works with unicorns. “I magically dresses up my white ponies as unicorns,” she wrote Simplemost in an email. “We have every size available you could ever imagine, including tiny miniatures.”

Dreamland Ponies is located outside of Seattle in Maple Valley, Washington. One of her unicorns even helped out at Starbucks to celebrate its equally magical unicorn Frappuccino.

Do you believe in unicorns? You will after you try a Starbucks Frappucino. #Frappuccino

A post shared by Dreamland Unicorns (@dreamlandunicorns) on Apr 24, 2017 at 12:06am PDT

If you’re concerned about the animals’ welfare, you can rest easy. “We paint their manes and tails with non-toxic, water-based, veterinary-approved paint,” she told Simplemost. Additionally, Kessler has 20 years of equine experience and she’s a veterinary technician who grew up rescuing animals.

According to Kessler, the ponies are part of the family. She has miniatures, Shetland ponies, Welsh ponies, and full-size horses who are dressed up as unicorns, Pegasus and My Little Ponies for parties.

In the Los Angeles area, Sheroes Entertainment also can bring an “XL riding unicorn” to your birthday party or wedding. (This company also boasts mermaids and much more in its repertoire!)

The West Coast isn’t the only area with party-ready unicorns, though! Sleepy Hollow Horse Farm offers unicorn and pony parties in parts of Pennsylvania. They also have petting zoo available and cowboy-themed parties as well.

For everyone else longing for unicorns, you can get your festive fill with unicorn cakes, unicorn floaties and homemade unicorn Frappuccinos. Not so rare anymore, unicorns seem to be popping up everywhere. Somehow they still manage to always be magical and mesmerizing.

Would you pony up for a unicorn at your next celebration?

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