‘One Tree Hill’ Cast Members Hint At A Possible Reunion

‘One Tree Hill’ Cast Members Hint At A Possible Reunion

Fans of the popular coming-of-age drama series “One Tree Hill” might have something to look forward to this holiday season. Could a reunion be in the works?

Several cast members of the popular CW series took to social media to hint at a new project, using the hashtag #christmas2018 and a Christmas tree emoji. The posts then vanished from social media, but not before devoted fans had time to capture and circulate the images.

Former “One Tree Hill” stars Hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer Scott), Robert Buckley (Clay Evans), Danneel Ackles (Rachel Gatina) and Antwon Tanner (Antwon “Skills” Taylor) posted pictures of some of the OTH gang hanging out together. Here’s one re-posted by Instagram user @othcast:

What could it be?? #christmas2018

A post shared by #othfamily (@othcast) on Jun 11, 2018 at 1:38pm PDT

And another shared by Instagram user @carocolomb_:

@hilarieburton Dernière les coulisses….#christmas2018 🎄11/06/18

A post shared by Caroline Colomb (@carocolomb_) on Jun 11, 2018 at 2:28pm PDT

And one more reposted by Instagram user @acklestwinsig:

The best friends!! Do any of y’all know what the hell #christmas2018 means? Are they doing more Christmas music, or photos? I’m confused! But I’m pretty sure you can see our JJ in the background of the first picture.. it is just the back of her head but you can see her wearing some sort of headband, and I think her hair might be over her shoulder of even up in a bun! ¡¡Whenever!! the Ackles’ and Morgan’s hang out together, my anxiety goes from 1-100! You never know if Hilarie will suddenly post a picture of the kids right! But what I’ve taken from this is red is definitely Dee’s color—and JJ has gotten very tall! If that is.. in fact her! Update: one of y’all in the comments said it could be a Christmas short film!! Well damn, now I’m even more excited! I wonder if Justice would ever be included, or if she’s just there to watch Mama! Hmm! #acklesfamily #jensenackles #supernatural #spnkids #danneelackles #justicejay #acklestwins #ackleskids #zeppelinbram #arrowrhodes #justicejayackles #spn #ourspnfamily #arrowackles #jjackles #jensenjustice #supernaturalkids #cw #siblingbonding #boygirltwins #siblingbond #bigsister #boygirlmom #toughmomma #lovingjenneel#acklestwins18#acklesfamily#spnbaby #fbbc #supernaturalkids #cw via @danneelackles512 on Instagram

A post shared by The Spn Kids💨 || #1 Update IG (@acklestwinsig) on Jun 11, 2018 at 1:25pm PDT

It seems pretty clear from the setting that this wasn’t a casual gathering — there are work tables and laptops in the background, and most telling is the script some of them seem to be holding. Tanner’s photo caption confirms something big is going on.

“On set working with some oldies but goodies,” Tanner posted along with his photo, according to Entertainment Weekly.

“One Tree Hill” ended its nine-season run in 2012. The popular show about two half-brothers in Tree Hill, a small fictional town in North Carolina, ran from 2003 to 2012 on the WB, which became the CW.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for confirmation of a reunion. Until then, we’ll enjoy the mystery and these adorable behind-the-scenes photos of some of our favorite Tree Hill residents.

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