Listen To KYGO

Thank you for choosing to listen to KYGO online!

During the broadcast, you may notice periods of intermittent interruptions, or silence, which is normal.

KYGO’s online broadcast is delayed. This is normal and is due to internet traffic, buffering conducted by the player, and other configurations. The average delay will range from several seconds to several minutes. Also, the player will stay active for 90 minutes before you are required to restart.

If you are HAVING PROBLEMS listening online, please View Streaming FAQs






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KYGO is available in crystal clear HD Digital Radio. Tune to 98.5 on your HD Radio to hear the difference! KYGO is available on your iPhone. Just download the KYGO iPhone app from the Apple Store!  KYGO is available on your Android handset. Just download the KYGO Droid app from the Android Market! KYGO is available in iTunes Radio. Just open iTunes, then click on Radio. Expand the Country category and you will find 98.5 KYGO!